Statement About Fake Simming Prize (.com)

From the Simming Prize Trustees-

The Simming Prize trustees, of, condemn the recent actions taken by Charles Star against The Simming Prize organization and the greater written role-play community.

No one can deny that Charles Star has been an active member of the simming community for years. His work on his sim, UCIP, Independence Fleet, as well as various community efforts and events such as SciWorld, the Tournament of Simulations, FallFest, etc are well known.

Throughout all of this, the one honor that has eluded him - the proverbial “feather in his cap“ - has been serving as a Simming Prize Trustee.

The Simming Prize Trustees is a body established by Chas Hammer from the Simming League, an organization that had served to foster peaceful relations among individual sims and simming groups of various genres. The Trustees are charged with oversight of selecting an administrator, judges, and the nomination process each year while also ensuring that the long and respected history of the prize, along with the foundation of peace upon which it was established, continues to be upheld and treated with the highest regard.

It is important to present a timeline of events so you have a better understanding of why we find ourselves in this situation today:

It’s a well established fact that the last few years have been difficult for many individuals around the globe due to the pandemic and other real life challenges, but the simming community has also faced its own challenges as well with several sims, groups, and services closing their doors forever. Many have had to deal with overwhelming and unexpected things during this time, both in real life as well as online.

We understood that Charles Star was upset and disappointed in not being named as Trustee multiple times, most recently in 2021; however, his recent actions are an attempt to invalidate 21 years of history and achievements of Simming Prize Laureates, plus actively suppress the legacy and contributions of multiple honorable judges, advisors, and Trustees. This is a gross act of betrayal towards those he purports to represent in good faith, not to mention conduct unbecoming of someone who was given such an esteemed honor of respect and dignity due to his long standing contributions to the simming community. His continued libel and defamation of the Simming Prize and its official Trustees has severely damaged the reputation and legitimacy of our organization.

His use of an outdated and no longer used “handbook” from years past further shows how out of touch he is with the simming community and the Simming Prize. His shady backgroom tactics have sullied his good name and also attempted to sully the good name and reputation of the Simming Prize. His continued and ongoing public actions against the Simming Prize and the official Trustees have made an unfortunate and avoidable situation worse.

Several groups have already publicly stated their disdain of his actions, and many who received prizes issued by him have rejected them due to the nature and circumstances surrounding their distribution. Some community services have gone as far as to ban Charles Star due these events. Sadly, Charles Star blames the Simming Prize Trustees for his bans instead of taking responsibility for his own actions.

We urge Charles Star to do the right thing by:

We, the Simming Prize Trustees, understand that this situation has caused some anger, confusion, frustration, and discord within the simming community. Personally, each one of us does not foster any ill will toward Charles Star in spite of everything that has happened.

We hereby announce that:

Furthermore, effective immediately:

We will recognize the Laureates awarded by Charles Star and his Trustees if said recipients wish to receive it. We feel that they are all deserving and it is not their fault that they were swept up in this debacle.

We will continue to accept 2021 Simming Prize nominations submitted directly to our official nomination form at until 3/31/2022. At that time we will gather the nominations, select an Administrator for the 2021 Simming Prize, gather the judges (past Laureates that wish to help judge the new year’s nominations), and announce the official 2021 Simming Prize Laureates soon thereafter.

Nominations submitted after 3/31/2022 will still be accepted and considered for the 2022 Simming Prize.

Once the 2021 Simming Prize Laureates have been announced, we will look to move forward with the Advisory Panel in an effort to move forward with improvements to our process and the Prize itself., complete a website overhaul to we’ve been planning and working on now for quite some time, and other behind the scenes things to keep The Simming Prize at the forefront of the simming community.

We thank you for your continued support as we move forward into 2022 and beyond!

-The Simming Prize Trustees


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