Simming Prize Medal


The Prize for Simming and Online Role Playing in Memory of Seth Cotis

NOTICE: This list is still being updated. We have records going to 1999 that are still being added.
Year Winner Category Description
2022 USS Wayfarer Individual Sim For fostering a creative environment and providing continued support and enjoyment for crew and the community.
2022 Kathryn Burke of Theta Fleet Individual For support of her community and the community at large through SciWorld and FallFest.
2022 USS Ontario Individual Sim For unique storytelling and character driven plots and bing a safe haven for independent simmers.
2022 Starbase 109 Individual Sim For longstanding status among the sims and providing support for the community at large.
2022 Nugra of UFOP Starbase 118 Individual For stepping up to support the community through a long and arduous mediation process.
2022 Dave Blass (Production Designer, PIC) Honrary For private support of the Star Trek fandom community
2022 Doug Drexler (Conceptual Designer, PIC) Honorary For private support of the Star Trek fandom community
2022 Terry Matalas (Showrunner, PIC) Honorary For private support of the Star Trek fandom community
2021 Beth of Sim Central Individual For outstanding service to the community and making Sim Central a warm and cheerful place to hang out. The community fully supports the hard work that Beth has put in to their world and has shown the selfless actions that mark a Laureate.
2021 Starbase 400 Individual Sim For excellent role-play community, its longevity, and contributions to the greater simming community while also pushing through adversity and drama. Starbase 400 has been a rock of the Simming Community.
2021 Poseidon Station Individual Sim For contributions to the community, their unique member management and sophistication in simming. Their unique approach to how members participate is a guiding light to innovation of the online world.
2021 Theta Fleet Organization
2021 Zodiac Fleet (16th Fleet) Organization
2020 Outpost Phoenix Organization Outpost Phoenix is a home for excellent, high-quality simming that has stood the test of time. A two-time Laureate of the Simming Prize
2020 Starbase 400Declined by Group Single IndividualFor its dedicated community, long standing quality and unparallel success over the last 26 years. The sim and members have sustained a creative energy and continue to create and expand the Star Trek universe. They are without equal in the Star Trek simming community. A three time Laureate of the Simming Prize.
2019 October Veritas of UCIP Single Individual For her years of selfless service to her sim, her fleet, and the greater role playing community. The longtime host of the award-winning USS Vindicator, current President of UCIP, and tireless volunteer for larger events, October has done it all. Always willing to do the little things that make others around her better, she’s one of the rare talents who excels at both the intricacies of role playing and broader leadership.
2019 Charles Star of Independence Fleet
Bella of the USS Odin
Multiple Individuals For production of The Simming Endeavor role playing game show. A truly innovative concept, Charles and Bella brought together 13 contestants from the community to role play in a reality show environment. For 12 weeks, they masterfully blended guest personalities and unique challenges for the players with an elegant overall visual theme. They created a brand new experience and executed it flawlessly.
2019 Outpost Phoenix Individual Sim For its two decades of role playing excellence. For over 20 years,Outpost Phoenix has kept a fresh, engaging real-time chat-based sim going despite most of the rest of the community settling in exclusively with play-by-post. The freeform role playing style has led to a rich and thrilling sim lore that continues to build upon itself. This has also fostered a deep sense of community among the players who meet weekly to keep the tradition alive and thriving.
2018 Major Tom of Outpost 42 News & Lieutenant Dan of Outpost 42 News TYPE Major Tom & Lieutenant Dan of Outpost 42 News for the innovation of satire simming news reporting over the last two years. Their articles and art humorously parody actual people, games, and groups,highlighting many real-life issues and challenges within the role playing community without being too harsh. Indeed, you haven't arrived until you've been spoofed by Outpost 42 News! While they continue to produce new content, the treasure trove of material already published will continue to be a boon to all for years to come.
2018 Josh Hina aka RisaXeph of TNU Project TYPE Josh Hina aka RisaXeph for his sustained and continued contributions to the simming community. Having served in multiple groups and sims over the years, he's always been a stabilizing factor, helping people see the best in others instead of focusing on their differences. This has enabled him to collaborate with many to craft beautiful tales and stories. Recently, he served as chair of both the FallFest and SciWorld community-wide role playing conventions, where he championed cooperation and the best ideals of the community.
2018 Theta Fleet TYPE Theta Fleet for its excellent Star Trek games throughout the year. What separates them is that they first focus on their own membership, and provide the best sims possible before expending resources on ancillary operations. They may be small in size, but their dedicated community is a giant family from the greenest Cadet to the most seasoned Admiral. Theta Fleet exemplifies and models the best of what simming communities should strive to be.
2018 Caribbean Dawn TYPE Caribbean Dawn for its unique land-based colonization sim set in the age of sail. They have challenged the simming norms with their focus on different topics of the time while remaining enjoyable for members. It produced provocative storylines for many years and continues to show that variety and the unusual can exist and flourish in the current era of online communities with disagreements over canon and standards.
2018 Star Trek Sim Hub TYPE Star Trek Sim Hub is not your usual group, having existed for most of its life on Facebook. A go-to place for sims and writing groups to connect, the Star Trek Sim Hub has been recognized for its diversity, its open door policy, and being an integral port for all sims to have a chance to meet on the world's most popular social network.
2017 Nugra of UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG Individual For his dedicated service to UFOP: StarBase 118 From welcoming new members to the club, to facilitating a fleet wide story arc, to serving on the podcast and publicity team, to rewriting the archive script that preserves the clubs sims - Nugra has repeatedly taken on the unsung roles that contribute to the unique vitality of UFOP: StarBase 118.
2017 YSS Kaiyo II of Star Army Individual For its excellent & sustained high quality simming. Set in an unique member created universe, the GM puts ample time into crafting a well though out story, and the players breath life into their characters, making them individuals, not archetypes. The writing is at times funny, at times sad - but it's always clear the GM and players enjoy the universe they have created and together get to explore.
2016 Charles Star of Independence Fleet Individual For his unprecedented contributions to the simming community. As a founder and long time leader within Independence Fleet, Charles has personally sponsored the launch of 21 sims and commanded 10 within the club. During his time as IDF CinC in the early 2000s and as Chief of Fleet Ops from 2010 - 12 he oversaw exceptional growth within the club. More recently, Charles has been a primary a leader within the larger simming community, serving as the administrator/coordinator for SciWorld, FallFest, the Tournament of Simulations, and the Squiddie and OWCH awards. He is a member of the OngoingWorlds Board of Advisers, and has been the instigator of community wide April Fools jokes. Charles is also a storehouse of simming knowledge, and has been a primary contributor to the Roleplay Wiki and the OngoingWorlds Blog.
2016 Kristen Romanelli of SPCsimms and Kepler Station Individual For her exemplary work as a storyteller and community builder. Kristen is the driving force within SPCsimms. With skill and good humor, she serves as a mentor to new members and is an invaluable aid to hosts and club leaders. As a game master and player, her imagination underpins multiple sims. Kristen is relied upon to smooth difficult situations, polish posts, and inspire those around her to push their writing to the next level. Most recently, Kristen was instrumental in rebuilding the Kepler Station sim after the untimely death of its longtime host. Kristen's service and dedication stands as a model example of the ideal community builder and simmer.
2016 STF TYPE For its history, longevity, and current community. Founded on the Prodigy online service in 1991, STF is the oldest Star Trek sim club in existence. It has been able to persevere through a quarter century of technological change and simming political upheaval. To this day, STF remains a vibrant club with a dedicated core of members who forge new adventures while preserving the club's traditions and unique simming style.
2016 Teresa Snow of Stargate Ancient Legacy Individual For her dedication to the Stargate simming community. Teresa offered her time and skill to help fellow leaders build their websites, and she ran the portal as a community resource to advertise available Stargate games. As a game master, she was the guiding force within the Stargate Ancient Legacy sim club, steering the group's story arc, playing numerous PCs and NPCs, and making sure each team advanced the story in an inclusive fashion.
2016 USS Vindicator of UCIP TYPE For its excellent storytelling and remarkable history. Over two decades of existence, the Vindicator has sailed the Star Trek universe. It's latest captain and crew spin adventures full of villains, fantastical species, and new technologies. The depth and quality of its writing today stands as one the finest examples in the Star Trek simming community.
2015 Bravo Fleet TYPE It goes without saying this award is long overdue. Since its creation in 1997, Bravo Fleet has set the gold standard for quality and success within the simming community. Few can match the longevity of Bravo Fleet. No one can match the growth and evolution the club has experienced. Bravo Fleet has been able to adapt to multiple shifts within simming, and find success with each new generation. Through its ups and downs, it has developed a robust community and self governing system; and one that is able to learn from the past, correct mistakes, and reform around new realities.
2015 TYPE has served the simming community as a valuable recruiting resource for years. Its dedication to running and maintaining such a site is to be commended and represents the highest example of service to the simming community.
2015 The Original Marvel Roleplay TYPE The Original Marvel Roleplay has been a fixture within Second Life since 2007. It is, first and foremost, a top destination for individuals who want to play their favorite superheroes. But more than that, it's a community. People are encouraged to engage in social RP or create their own events at the many spots available throughout the multi-level region. They also allow created characters, offer classes for student characters, and host a number of fun gatherings throughout the year. Even though the members of the leadership have changed and the region called home has moved several times over the years, it is a real testament to the overall community that it has remained strong and open to players of all stripes.
2015 USS Galileo TYPE The Galileo stands as one of the finest examples of Star Trek simming in today's community. The episodes frame a fresh but faithful perspective on a historical franchise. The posts are well written and prolific. The individual qualities of each character shine through, as each person works to carry out their duty. The website is elegant, filled with ample detail about the ship and crew. It's evident the members of the crew have put serious thought and time into carving out a home on the Galileo.
2014 The Gamemaster of Ongoing Worlds TYPE For the high quality writing and imaginative posts contributed to multiple games across Ongoing Worlds.
2014 Ongoing Worlds TYPE For the unparalleled dedication and resources it provides the online role-playing community. Through the selfless dedication of its gamers, staff, and contributors, Ongoing Worlds has become a home to hundreds of games, and stands as a trusted, central hub for all online role-players, regardless of affiliation.
2014 Sci-Fi Avatars TYPE For it's compilation of images and graphic assistance it offers to the online role-playing community. With its images, Sci-Fi Avatars has enlivened an untold number of websites and message boards.
2014 Starbase 400 TYPE For its long standing quality and success, in which two decades of simmers have sustained a creative energy and continue to generate a universe whose imagination and depth is without equal in the Star Trek simming community. A two time Laureate of the Simming Prize.
2013 David Ball of Ongoing Worlds TYPE For his devotion to the craft of role-play, his many contributions to the larger online role-play community, and his efforts in maintaining the Ongoing Worlds roleplaying community and Ongoing World Blog, which services the greater community.
2013 Vault 713 TYPE For its consistent excellence and devotion to creating and exploring uncharted worlds in a compelling narrative, and for their exploration of a classic literary tale.
2013 Star Army TYPE For its fantastic, interesting concept and design, its unique, inspiring setting, and its active, helpful community that welcomes new players openly.
2013 FSF Radio 2 TYPE For its enchantment and groundbreaking innovation of broadcasting the lives, stories, and other humanistic qualities which continue to make simming and online role-play an enjoyable hobby for many.
2013 Trek Simming Podcast TYPE For its groundbreaking innovation that has created informative radio, honored simming and online role-play culture, and its path of reaching out to the larger simming community.
2012 Anodyne Productions TYPE For creating and supporting the NOVA RPG management software. Easy to manage and update, NOVA has become a backbone of today's play by post community. NOVA allows crew members to update their character bio, send private messages, and write joint posts with fellow simmers; it allows sim hosts to send out announcements, approve applications, and create NPCs. An invaluable auto-logging feature provides seamless archiving of posts, mission logs, and personal logs.
2012 Darian Caplinger of Bravo Fleet TYPE For his years of service as the webhost of Bravo Fleet and Ninth Fleet, as well as for a number of individual sims within both groups. Despite the challenges of maintaining two large sites for clubs that have sometimes been at odds, Darian has kept a neutral bearing and has gone above and beyond to make sure the servers are online and updated, and that the sites are up and running.
2012 Ed Brown of UFOP: StarBase 118 TYPE For his community development work within UFOP: StarBase 118. In addition to having earned a reputation as a captain who ensures his crew members are engaged in the sim, Ed has become a cornerstone of the club's community. He is active with the UFOP: SB 118's academy training program, where he helps teach new simmers. For two years running, he has been the creative force behind the club's "summer blockbuster" fleet-wide plot arc, developing the overall story arc and writing mission briefings for each ship. Ed has also facilitated the club's "Writing Challenge" judge's team and was the leading force behind UFOP: SB 118's "Writing Improvement Month."
2012 Kerrigan Morgan and Black Scar Ozzy of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance TYPE For their quiet service as linchpins of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. Between them, Kerrigan and Black served on over a dozen sims during their storied careers. With his sims, Kerrigan always managed to put a smile on the face of others, and Black's cheeky stories delighted, in the process dragging a plot out of crises and into mayhem. Both were friends and mentors to countless individuals within the club. Once earned, Black's loyalty was incredible. Kerrigan provided a caring ear and unabashed advise. As the Recruiting Chair, Kerrigan was able to re-energize sims by providing new members and hosts. Black's only desire was to write, but when needed he would step up and serve as second in command, and on one occasion was found to be in command of a sim.
2012 Starbase 400 TYPE For its rich, dedicated community. Simming continuously since 1995, Starbase 400 has developed a vast backstory, complete with two dozen permanent NPCs, a fleet of ships, and a dangerous intersection of space to defend. To support its in character universe, Starbase 400 maintains an academy, a database, a timeline of sim canon, and logs of each mission to ensure members are informed. Infused with a focus on character development and realistic storytelling, these factors combine, producing an intensely vibrant sim.
2011 Elena Vasilescu of Before the Mast RPG TYPE For her creative use of social media to support a small, thriving role-playing game set during the Golden Age of Piracy.
2011 Independence Fleet TYPE For its outstanding efforts to facilitate community; internally fielding a wiki, newsletter, and group chats; and externally hosting the SciWorld Online Convention, organizing Fall Fest, and pulling the Super Space Command 3000 April Fools' Day joke.
2011 Mike Bremer TYPE For his exemplary leadership within the simming community. Having founded or nurtured clubs as diverse as Tango Fleet, Bravo Fleet, and now The Ninth Fleet, Mike stands as one of the most successful and influential figures in the history of simming.
2011 Otherspace TYPE For its innovative mix of MUSH and role-playing to create a dynamic, engrossing gaming environment.
2011 UFOP: Starbase 118 RPG TYPE For its exemplary community, which for over 15 years has consistently offered detailed, high quality sims, and a welcoming, friendly gaming environment.
2010 Nathalie Chapman of Sixth Fleet Individual For her innovative command style, through which she fosters crew dedication and creativity by breaking the traditional molds of simming. Her sims, most recently the USS Avalon, follow no set pattern, with missions that run from the serious to the comical, and which can be tightly controlled with a sim master or run free though a collaborative crew effort.
2010 Tigra Tigress of Continuum Online TYPE For her decades of exemplary service to the simming community. Beginning as a host in Spacefleet Online, through her service as the leader of the Continuum Online and publisher of the Communique Online, and to the present day, Tigra is a fount of wisdom and fairness, and has been a friend and mentor to generations of simmers.
2010 USS Sunfire-D of Independence Fleet TYPE For its energetic, engaging sims. Through its many incarnations, the Sunfire has attracted raw simmers and molded them into future leaders, sending out over a dozen simming hosts from its ranks. Its open approach to membership, which welcomes simmers of all ages, interests, and writing styles, gives rise to a diverse crew, who, feeling welcome, produce hundreds of posts a month. This openness has been emulated across Independence Fleet, helping spark a renaissance within the club.